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A Look Inside – Submarine

Posted April 19, 2011 by Max in Videos


Most famous from The IT Crowd, Richard Ayoade is bringing this unique vision to the screen. Submarine seems to be a coming-of-age tale with a little nuances to make it different. I’m interested in seeing how the young Craig Roberts carries this film given his relative inexperience.

From Independent Film Festival Boston:

Oliver is right, of course, as he discovers that love can be just as complex for a middle-aged parent as it is for a 15-year-old schoolboy. His attempts to lose his virginity may seem more pragmatic than passionate, but with a soundtrack supplied by Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys to set the mood, he might just achieve the kind of life that’s worth a film.

Director Richard Ayoade captures perfectly the persona of an adolescent boy who can be both sweet natured and mean spirited at the same time. And yet, for all of Oliver’s self-centeredness, we never quite stop rooting for him. Comparisons to Wes Anderson’s RUSHMORE are common, but Ayoade clearly takes inspiration from the early films of Goddard and Truffaut, as well—all of which combine to form a thrilling, breathless new look at love, both young and not so young.

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