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A Look Inside – Sound of My Voice

Posted March 19, 2011 by Max in Film News

‘Sound of My Voice’ is making a lot of waves recently after its appearance at SXSW. The film depicts a couple who enter a cult in order to investigate the leader and see if the leader’s claims of being from the future are true. The film stars Christopher Denham stars as Peter, Nicole Vicius as Lorna, and Brit Marling as the cult leader Maggie. has seen the film and has this to say:

Sound of My Voice also features excellent performances all around, and is beautifully shot, by Rachel Morrison. In addition, the background music, which consists of mostly ambiance, aids in capturing and correctly defining the mood of the film, an aura of uncertainty and unsettled-ness. Little mundane actions like the cult’s secret handshake, (which, okay, was a little goofy), are given an extra oomph by the ambient noise.

And yet, despite the eerie undertones, the over-the-top lines and the high drama, Sound of My Voice feels completely realistic, completely plausible. There’s a looming sense of uneasiness buried beneath the surface that keeps you unnerved and engulfed. It’s movies like this that make film festivals worth going to.

‘Sound of My Voice’ does not have a distributer yet, but here is a clip below.

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