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A Laugh and Links: Openings, Impossible, Arnold, Sugar Man, Violence, Go Pee

Posted January 25, 2013 by Max in Discuss

I have compiled another six links of posts you can’t afford to miss. Come for a laugh, stay for the links!

Here are your links!

And So it Begins has listed their top 15 favorite opening sequences. Did yours get included?

The Impossible

Not too many reviews for The Impossible. Big Thoughts from a Small Mind gives it a look.

Arnold is back in theaters! Flixchatter asks what is your favorite Arnold roles.


French Toast Sunday reviews the fantastic documentary Searching for Sugar Man. Highly Recommended.

Never Mind Pop Film investigates why violence might be good for cinema.

TDYLF has another excellent flowchart. This time telling you when it’d be a good time to go pee during the movies.

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