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Romance February Guest Review: Sideways

Posted February 10, 2012 by in Comedy







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Masterful vision of Alexander Payne, Chemistry between Giamatti and Church is priceless
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I strongly recommend you see this film at this time of love, and remember if you life takes a sideways turn, you can never stop hoping for the best!

by Max
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I would first like to thank Max for letting me waffle on about a film that is always the top of my list in February, Sideways…

There comes a time as a film lover that you question why you love movies. Sometimes you go into a film and through all the explosions, zombies, and mega car chases you end up feeling a little empty inside. Sideways, from director Alexander Payne, is not like any of THOSE type of films. No, it is simply about everyday people like you and me. It is the very definition of why sometimes simple is better, and often more satisfying.

Call it a road movie, call it a bromance, or even call it a rom-com, as it fits nicely in these genres. Two friends, Miles and Jack, played by Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church respectively, are on a soul-searching mission to the Vineyards of California as a last trip before Jack gets hitched.

Miles is a deeply depressed novelist who is finding it hard to get his book published, Jack on the other hand is an actor with a passion for life who wants to have one last mad moment before he walks down the aisle to matrimony. The story takes a twisted course when Miles finds he is falling for a waitress named Maya and Jack begins to court local Stephanie. When the wine and women get mixed up things start to turn sour and have a lasting and detrimental effect on the men and their long-lasting friendship.

The reason that Sideways works so well has a lot to do with the masterful vision of Alexander Payne. His direction and brilliantly written screenplay along with the immensely strong cast seem to gel together perfectly. The chemistry between Giamatti and Church is priceless and will have you reaching for the remote just to replay the scene and watch them going at it again and again. The pair are so well written that it feels like we actually know them. The women are also not the normal types we see in comedies these days. these are strong centered women who know what they want from life.

Movies like Sideways are few and far between. So often we are sold a story with unrealistic characters doing far-fetched things in the name of love. This is exactly why this film works so well. I strongly recommend you see this film at this time of love, and remember if you life takes a sideways turn, you can never stop hoping for the best!

[Written by Scott Lawlor of FrontRoomCinema]

* Part of Romance February 2012

*Editor’s Note: This is also one of personal favorite films, so it gets the Editor’s Choice Label

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    This is an hilarious film and it actually made me want to drink more red wine (not sure if that's a good thing). Paul Giamatti is perfectly pathetic as the lovable loser and the chemistry between the leads is feels real. Good review Scott!


    One of the movies that I really want to see in the future. Thanks for sharing, Scott


    oh i did I like this movie and just in the way you said. and I think “the angels share 2012” is a good similar movie to watch. besides, its not much romantic, more friendship and brotherhood. and that’s what i like most about Scottish films.

    by the way have you seen “This is England”? its a must see, don’t miss it.

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