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Review: The Ten Commandments

Posted April 6, 2012 by in Drama







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The Ten Commandments is a towering achievement that will always be remembered.

by Max
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There’s big productions and then there’s  The Ten Commandments. Charlton Heston would be in other Biblical epics, but here he has captured the role of Moses to perfection. Ten Commandments is the movie adaptation of the events that lead the Hebrews out of Egypt. A film for all generations and families to enjoy Ten Commandments is the definitive movie for these historical events.

Moses was born as Hebrew and was going to be a slave like his ancestors. The Pharaoh has other intentions at the time and ordered all first-born male Hebrews slayed in order to prevent the coming of the Deliverer. He was saved by his mother, being cast down stream to a fate better than death. He would soon become one of the prince’s of Egypt.

There is a transportation into this time period that few movies manage to create.

While some men would quietly live with their heritage in secret, once Moses learns of his heritage, he is compelled to find answers. Answers to who he really is and what does his existence mean. During this search into slavery and suffering, his evil brother Rameses has learned of Moses heritage. He uses it to take the throne of Egypt for his own and cast Moses into certain death.

The Ten Commandments is a production beyond the wildest dreams. In the era in which we live, the scope of this movie can not be understood. There’s literally hundreds of cast members on-screen at a given time. There is a transportation into this time period that few movies manage to create. The amount of rehearsal and patience needed for each shot must have been unbelievable.

It’s truly a story about freedom and never giving up hope in the belief of God.

A movie is only as strong as its source material and in the case of The Ten Commandments, it couldn’t be any stronger. Based around the Biblical Book of Exodus, Ten Commandments loving and accurately displays its source. It’s truly a story about freedom and never giving up hope in the belief of God. The Hebrews could only be freed from slavery if they persevered through the hardest trials to finally get their freedom.

The sets and costume design are incredible and add greatly to the feeling of being in that time period. They only help improve the great performances from the leading cast. Charlton Heston as Moses has the audience believing in his trials and suffering only to be the savor of his people. Yul Brynner as Rameses completely captures a man who is too egotistical and proud to ever give into the slaves of Egypt. The supporting cast is as excellent including John Derek as Josuha and Anne Baxter as Nefretiri.

While the special effects may be dated the spectral of The Ten Commandments still illuminates brightly. There’s few productions that have the resources or competence to pull off such an epic.  DeMille and company have made a timeless movie for a timeless story. The Ten Commandments is a towering achievement that will always be remembered.

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    Ow my…I saw this when I was still in elementary and I can still remember that I like it a lot. I know that the story is a bit different to Muslim as it was made by Christian but most of it were similar.

    It was the first epic I saw. i wish I could see it again.

    Great review Max


    WOW So nice to see this highlighted Max.

    Those images remind me how beautiful cinema was in the earlier days of technicolor.


    Max! Thank you for spotlighting this film. A big favorite of mine with tons of classic performances. A perfect movie to talk about, especially at Easter, but great for anytime!


      I wanted to watch it for Easter/Passover since it was the perfect weekend. I actually bought it sometime last year and waited until E/P to watch it. So I'm glad I was able to make time for this epic production.


    Great review Max!

    I appreciate big productions and epic films if they're done right. There was Alexander for example, a really big and remarkable story, but Oliver Stone made it a drag, overly focusing on things about the life of Alexander that were not particularly interesting.

    I haven't seen "The Ten Commandments" and even though your review makes a compelling case for this one, I usually approach biblical films with hesitation, so we will see…



      I guess the last big epic I can remember would be something like Lord of the Rings. Certainly that was on a scale like nothing else. I haven't seen Alexander, but I don't remember being too interested so perhaps I'll let it stay off my watch list.

      I could see where there would be hesitation in watching Biblical films. They are a little preachy. Nevertheless Ben-hur and Ten Commandments are fine films regardless of their goals.

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