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Review: Haywire

Posted January 26, 2012 by in Action







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Great Action Sequences

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Little point to it all
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Gina Corano felt right at home in this no-holds-barred fight because Haywire is little more than that.

by Max
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Kicking ass and taking names. What Gina Corano does best.

Double-crossed and left for dead by her employer, Gina Corano must find out why. Haywire is the newest film from director Steven Soderbergh (Contagion, Oceans 11) and feels like the female equivalent to Jason Bourne. There’s only one problem. The script is as run of the mill as they come and without the supporting cast Haywire would be a bigger disappointment than it already is.

Mallory (Gina Corano) is a special operative for the government. She takes on her jobs without asking any questions and is hired because she is the best at what she does. Her handler in this case, Kenneth (Ewan McGregor), used to be a former lover and only has Mallory’s best intentions in mind. She completes a mission with Aaron (Channing Tatum) in Barcelona and figures its time for a break. What she doesn’t realize is that her end has been arranged and Paul (Michael Fassbender ) is going to make sure she dies quickly.

This is where Haywire’s biggest problem becomes clear. It’s much more interesting to see which supporting actor is coming into the picture next, than actually continuing the story. It’s almost as if this is the action version of New Year’s Eve. That might be a tough truth to swallow, but Haywire is much more style than substance.

How well does first time actor, Gina Corano do? Well she’s quite adequate for the part. The script doesn’t give her much emotion to work from, making her nothing more than a very capable war machine. The only time she’s really asked to do a little acting is when she shares the screen with Michael Fassbender and Channing Tatum. In these scenes, Gina must display some general emotions towards these men. Of course after she accomplishes this feat, she must then proceed to bash their brains in.

There’s a definite color scheme going on throughout Haywire and its called bleak. From the snowy drive, to the race from the authorities, nothing really feels alive during Haywire. There are scenes that go on far too long, like the aforementioned runaway scene that had me daydreaming near the end of it. An action movie is supposed to keep a viewer griped, not lull them to sleep.

All this being said, Haywire succeeds in having a star-studded cast. Hearing the soundtrack disappear and the crunch of bones as Corano throws Fassbender through the wall is always a good bit of fun. Haywire had all the tools it needed to be better than a run-of-the-mill action movie. As the bones break, the only thing to look forward to is the next person Gina Corano is going to beat to a pulp. I’m sure she felt right at home in this no-holds-barred fight because Haywire is little more than that.

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    Yep, you're right. Carano, backed by a great supporting cast, is what really carried this film through. I wanted to like this more than I did. we saw the film through similar eyes my friend! Nice review!


    Nice review Max, I'm quite glad to read a write up with similar thoughts of my own! I was very disappointed by Haywire, I was expecting it to be incredibly entertaining with adequate amounts of action. Instead I was bored! I was hoping for something a little more easy going amongst the Oscars hopefuls, but this was way too relaxed.


      It would've been fun to take a break from all the serious films, but this was too much cruise control. I wanted it to be a lot more fun than it turned out to be.


    It might be more style over substance, but is that style nice to watch? I don't mind brainless from time to time, as long as it looks cool.

    That said, I'll wait for this to come out on BD before I give it a watch.


    Finally I found a review of Haywire that I agree with, it seemed to me that everyone just loved it and it just bored me because- I agree with you- there was literally no character development, no story and apart from kind of amateur ass kicking (yes, after watching it for so long I actually missed this fake choreography that most of the films offer) I saw no substance.

    Lovely website!


      Thanks for coming by Amelie and the kind words about impassionedcinema. I wish Haywire was more than just about the stars involved. Maybe next time.

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