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Review: The Avengers

Posted May 4, 2012 by in Action







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85/ 100

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A comic book fan's dream, Superb effort bringing the characters cohesively together

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Little semblance of plot, New fans will lose some of the experience
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Marvel has proven that their plans have become fruitful and The Avengers is everything a comic book fan could wish for in an adaptation.

by Max
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Expectations usually lead to disappointment. Far too often a movie promises the world, but feels like a stale bag of popcorn. The Avengers is the culmination of five superhero movies and years of development. Typically, when there is this much anticipation for a movie, it can’t be met.  Director Joss Whedon had other plans in mind. He never forgot that these superheros have to be humanized to be relatable. There’s a lot that could’ve gone wrong with The Avengers, luckily they assembled correctly.

While the cast has changed a little (Mark Ruffalo as Hulk) not much has changed since the last meeting with the heroes. Captain America (Chris Evans) is adjusting to life after having been frozen for seventy years, Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) continues his journey towards renewable energy and protecting the peace, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) remains destitute in the world of Asgard, and Hulk is busy controlling his zen. While also including the head of S.H.I.E.L.D, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), The Avengers features two other cast members: Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner).  While they are considered part of the team, their abilities seem lost in this crowded field of superheroes.

The Avengers movie starts with the appearance of Thor’s brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), who has found a way to Earth in order to conquer it for his own. He plans to use the Tesseract (a cube filled with unlimited power) and an alien army to achieve his goals. Using the Tesseract to open a portal to the other world, Loki proves to be a force too powerful for civilian armies to handle. Nick Fury decides that he has no other choice but begin the Avengers Initiative. This initiative would bring the worlds strongest and brightest individuals together to fight for the Earth’s survival.

Characters that have never resonated…have now seen redemption in a big way.


Let’s get this out of the way first, The Avengers has a typical comic book feeling and although the plot is thin, the writing is fantastic. The characters have tons of material to work with and every other line seems to make reference to earlier films in the franchise or the character’s history. While it may be argued that commercially Joss Whedon has not been successful (despite his loyal fan following), his direction and writing with The Avengers is finally being discovered as an achievement. Characters that have never resonated with audiences on the big screen (Hulk) have now seen redemption in a big way.

…homage to the comic books that long-time fans will adore

While there have been plenty of trailers and hype surrounding The Avengers, there’s a lot to see in this movie. There’s an incredible amount of homage to the comic books that long time fans will adore. The only other dilemma with the film would be the consistent use of in-jokes. While The Avengers spends approx. forty minutes introducing the audience to the characters, which sets up the majority of the jokes for the rest of the film, new-comers likely won’t get as much from the movie as someone who has stuck around for all five earlier films.

The Avengers exceeded my expectations. The insurmountable hype surrounding the film made it impossible to believe the positive reviews coming out of early screenings. The Avengers is a true summer spectacle featuring fantastic special effects and superheroes that have had whole films to develop their characters. Marvel has proven that their plans have become fruitful and The Avengers is everything a comic book fan could wish for in an adaptation.

Editor’s Note: a new scene was added at the end of the credits. Just a comedy bit, not vital to the storyline, but fun nonetheless.

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    Nice review, glad to hear the blending of characters was well respected. It was this characteristic of the movie that concerned me the most. I expect a lot of action, spectacle, banter, and reluctance in this movie, but if these characters that carry so much history are mishandled, it could diminish the whole film.

    I plan to see it tonight.


      How did you like the film, Ray? While I tried to judge the film purely based on its own, it has so much to offer if you've seen the previous films.


    Hey Max,

    Apparently I haven't been to the site since you sort of "renovated" it.

    The scoring for films is interesting and pretty cool.

    Glad you enjoyed The Avengers. Nice to be back here again.


      It's been at least three months since the renovation. I'm glad you came back though. Your site has a nice place on my RSS feed. While the scoring for films is cool, it can be challenging getting it exactly how I feel about a film. Come back more often, we'd love to have you.


    Yea one of the most pleasant surprise was how funny this movie was. I really didn't know what to expect but Joss Whedon really won me over with this and I definitely hope he will be back for the second Avengers movie down the road.


      I'm going to state the obvious, but have you seen Firefly? Whedon does an excellent job of making us fall for characters and then taking them away from us. He also knows how to give females great roles. Scarlett greatly benefited from his direction and it could be one of her strongest performances.


    I'm a bit miffed that us over the pond didn't get to see the end of credits scene. Caught it on youtube and it does amuse! Though yep, not vital. Still amusing. Seeing how after all that they've done, they're just regular heroes, eating their schwarmas.

    The film does so well with the combination of humor and action and a fantastic cast and script. It all came together beautifully.


    Hulk Smash!!! I am going to watch this again this afternoon. Really enjoyed seeing the Avengers up on the big screen. I was actually a bit surprised by how much they developed the Hawkeye character. I was a bit nervous by his lack of presence in the trailers. Nice write up Max.

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