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Review: 21 Jump Street

Posted March 20, 2012 by in Comedy







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81/ 100

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Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum impress

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There could've been a stronger plot to move these characters forward
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21 Jump Street is a great surprise and the best comedy of the year thus far.

by Max
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Thankfully this movie seems to be related to 21 Jump Street in name only. There have been countless films that have tried to adapt old television shows into Hollywood success, but few have what 21 Jump Street has, originality. The film knows exactly what it’s supposed to do, entertain us, without trying to bog us down with too much history of the franchise.

Schmidt (Johan Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) have a hot and heavy bromance together or at least that’s how it seems. They are partners after having helped each other get on the police squad. They have overcome their problems that defined who they were in high school (geek vs jock) and would take a bullet for each other.

After ruining their chances at their first successful arrest, they get transferred to 21 Jump Street. Here, agents go undercover to discover and stop the distribution of drugs in schools. This means the guys are going back to the place that still haunts Schmidt’s memory, high school.

Hill continues to show how talented he is giving a dramatic performance embedded with the same comedy we loved in Superbad.

There is a very thin plot line to keep the movie moving forward, but what holds it together are the terrific tandem of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Hill continues to show how talented he is giving a dramatic performance embedded with the same comedy we loved in Superbad. Tatum surprises here as well. Most of his past movies he’s come off as stupid and muscular. While that stereotype is still there at the beginning of 21 Jump Street, it seems that there’s a hidden layer of talent that Channing Tatum doesn’t show very often. His transition from being the center of attention, to a grade oriented geek comes across as a flawless transition.

A lot of movies seem to just plug music selections in without much thought. When the film starts in 2005 and The Real Slim Shady comes on there’s a sense of nostalgia that few openings achieve. Other music choices are the current hits of the moment including LMFAO and Foster the People, but they seem to work just fine here.

The best comedy of the year thus far.

The comedy in 21 Jump Street is so strong it’s easy to overlook the glaring plot deficiencies. The rest of the cast is uni-formally good and although the trailer doesn’t offer much hope for what we eventually get, 21 Jump Street is a great surprise and the best comedy of the year thus far. Johan Hill and Channing Tatum should be able to win over countless audiences with their high school hijinks.

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    Agreed! So much surprised me in this film. From Tatum's performance, to the amazing song choice (esp in the opening as you stated), to cameos, to the extent that some of the comedy went to. One of the best comedies of the year by far.

    btw, I love, Love, LOVE the new look, rating setup, and more that you have implemented here on the site! Very nice impressive work!


      Thanks so much. There's a lot going on now I know, but I think this will get even more attention as a professional website with this look.

      I really thought 21 Jump Street was going to be trash. I even snubbed my nose up at the trailer, but it really surprised me.


      Are you a Chan fan now then T? 😀


        @ Ruth, NEVER!! hahaha. NEVER EVER! LOL.

        BUt, I will say that I did go for a 2nd viewing this past weekend and still laughed a bunch!

        @ Max, definitely! Well, what you got goin on is working! I really dig the new features a lot.


    I can't believe I am saying this, but I am really looking forward to checking this one out! Talk about a surprise hit. Great review, Max, you have me even more interested in seeing this soon.


      It is a surprise hit! I really wasn't expecting this. It was a lot of fun. Just make sure to turn your brain off at the door though.


    HAHA I am super pleased you like this as much as I did Max.

    I found it refreshingly funny and although I dislike the main actors they did a really good job.

    (I am still very jealous of your rating thing on this theme)


    This looks like a great deal. I too have been skeptical of Tatum, but your review of this performance coupled with Haywire has changed my mind.


      I still thought he was bad in Haywire, but I guess that's just my opinion. Tatum was able to show some range here, which was very much needed for his part.

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