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Review: Silver Linings Playbook

Posted November 21, 2012 by in Comedy







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87/ 100

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Year: 2012
Runtime: 122 Minutes
Available in 3D: No

What We Liked :

Feel Good Film of the Year, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have amazing chemistry

What We Disliked:

Chris Tucker character seems forced, Over simplification of Mental Illness
Bottom Line

When a movie comes around that is this rewarding, it’s a sin if you don’t see it.

by Max
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Silver Linings Playbook is easily the “Feel-Good” movie of the year.

Directed by David O. Russell (The Fighter), Silver Linings Playbook follows the life of Pat (Bradley Cooper) who has just been released from the mental ward. Apparently he caught his wife having an affair and simultaneously went crazy with rage. Pat is going to have to find his own silver lining if he hopes to get out of this rut he’s been put into.

Pat has been given another chance on life, thanks to his mother’s support (Jacki Weaver). The Doctor’s believe as long as he takes his medication and acclimate himself slowly into his old life so perhaps he can function. Pat has lost his job and must live with his parents for the time being. His father, Pat Sr. (Robert Di Nero) has a little problem of his own. He pretends to make his living from a local restaurant, but in actuality he’s a bookie for sporting events. Pat Sr. has never been close to either of his sons and this might be his chance to connect. Although getting along with his father is a challenge, Pat believes that his wife will return to him now that he has been cured and this keeps him from really healing.

One of Pat’s silver linings is right under his nose. He meets a new friend named Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) and they seem to have a lot in common. He takes antidepressants and she takes antidepressants. A match made in heaven right? Tiffany has a lot of issues of her own to get through before she can consider getting into a new relationship. Her late husband died suddenly and it left her emotionally broken. Tiffany ended up having a lot of new partners, but none of them could come close to touching her heart.

Tiffany and Pat end up making a truce. Tiffany will deliver a letter to Pat’s wife, if he will take part in a dance challenge. Both of them seem only focused on what they can get out of the relationship, but what if it could turn into something more?

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are amazing together in Silver Linings Playbook. What looks like an odd couple on paper turns out to have wonderful chemistry together on-screen. Jennifer Lawrence in-particular puts together an Oscar caliber turn with performance as the complicated and emotionally distant Tiffany. Silver Linings Playbook works so well because the core of the cast works well together. They only superfluous character, Danny (Chris Tucker) thankfully doesn’t have an abundance of screen time.

If there’s any fault in Silver Linings Playbook, its how simple things come together for the leads. It’s as if one day Pat decides he’s going the wrong path and he should make a left turn. It’s an oversimplification of both of their conditions that dance and romance could solve their problems.

Even though Silver Linings Playbook has a few missteps, that doesn’t take away from the result. Silver Linings Playbook is one of the best films to come out this year. It has solid performances and characters that deserve a silver lining. When a movie comes around that is this rewarding, it’s a sin if you don’t see it.

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    I’m not surprised Tucker is the weak link, he brings down every film he is in.


      Oh he\’s definitely the weak link. I saw the film for a second time over the weekend and while I still highly recommend it, I find Tucker really obnoxious.

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