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Romance February Guest Review: Pretty Woman

Posted February 7, 2012 by in Romantic Comedy
by Max
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Diana from azizaspicks was nice enough to write-up this review of Pretty Woman. Check out below as another part of Romance February!

“You and I, Vivian, are such similar creatures- we both screw people for money!”

Pretty Woman is one of the best, actually one of the most famous Romantic Comedies out there! Everyone has heard about this movie, even my parents know and love it, even though they rarely go to the cinema or know the stars (if you say Hollywood, they will say Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Al Pacino etc – they are stuck in the 90s).

The movie follows the development of the relationship between business man Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) and prostitute Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts). He picks her up on the boulevard because he needs directions to his hotel, but he is instantly attracted and enchanted by the woman, so he offers money to stay the night, and then more for the whole week.

There is something special about her: the wild beauty, the big mouth, the radiant smile, the sweetness


The story is predictable, but the charm lies within the dialogue and the interaction between the characters. The script is good and offers a couple of laughs, but most importantly, it allows Julia Roberts to shine as a young, simple, sweet, straight-forward gal from Georgia who just wants to survive. The time spent with Edward helps her grow as a person, rediscovering the passion and need for a better life for herself. There is something special about her: the wild beauty, the big mouth, the radiant smile, the sweetness – they all make you pay attention and fall for her. Richard Gere delivers as a tough, strong, wise business man who doesn’t have time for love; his chemistry with Julia was great (apparently is was that good, that they did Runaway Bride together, as well), and I have to say something about his grey hair, as it always surprises me (am I that young or is he very old? probably both). One man I do have to mention is Hector Elizondo – I always considered him to be a very underused, underappreciated actor; he has such a kind, wise, loving presence about him and I wish I could see him more often on the big screen!

Pretty woman is a good romantic comedy that will make you smile and swoon! I consider it to be a classic, so I would recommend it to anyone, especially on Valentine’s Day!

p.s. Another Julia Roberts movie that I love, even more than this one is My Best Friend’s Wedding – better movie, with more laughs and cool characters! Call it my guilty pleasure – I have to re-see it soon, maybe on the 14th 🙂



[Written by Diana of Azizaspicks]

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    I remember really loving this movie when it first came out. I mean both leads are so likable! But I haven't had the desire to see it again for some reason, not sure why. My Best Friend’s Wedding is fun too, especially Rupert Everett who stole scenes every time he showed up!


      This is one of the reviews that I've never seen. I've always heard good things, but I don't know if I can stand to watch this. Maybe I'll give it a try.

      I did see Runaway Bride starring the same two actors and that was tolerable so maybe this could be a winner.


    hehe I remember this film and the big hoo hah about her using a body double… not that I minded at the time… I was a young man and the body double was hawt!!

    Nice review Diana

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