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5 Takeaways from the 2016 Oscars

So the 2016 Oscars are over. There were some surprises, including the winner for Best Picture. Overall the show was really strong, but there are always some exceptions. Here are some places where the night could’ve been r...


2016 Oscars Winners: The Full Results

Spotlight was the big winner of the night with the Best Picture win and Best Original Screenplay. Mad Max: Fury Road did pretty well for itself as well with six Academy Awards, tying the record set by Star Wars of six awards w...


2016 Oscar Predictions

We’ve come to the end of another Oscar season. The 88th Annual Academy Awards is tonight. I feel confident in most of my predictions besides of course: Best Picture. It’s been a wild year and thankfully it could be ...


It’s the Pictures Podcast – Episode 1

John Gilpatrick and I have decided to continue our podcasting partnership into a new venture entitled “It’s The Pictures”. John’s website can be found here. For those who don’t know John, he is a m...


The Mermaid is something not of this world

If you haven’t heard about The Mermaid that’s not surprising. Sony Pictures released the film recently in North America to a paltry 25 screens, but it still managed to rake in $1 million dollars. The reason The Merm...