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Ryan Gosling to Direct Christina Hendricks in How to Catch A Monster

Ryan Gosling is stimulating audiences in front of the camera and now behind the camera as well.  According to Collider, Ryan Gosling will be making his directorial debut with the “modern day fairy tale” How to Catch a Mons...


Review: Oslo, August 31st

While Oslo, August 31st is emotionally challenging, there's a captivating performance here of a man who has lost his way.


Blind Spot 2012 Review: Vivre sa Vie

Vivre sa Vie is unique as it is abrupt, its more about the style than the substance.


Review: Ruby Sparks

Ruby Sparks isn't the home run that Little Miss Sunshine was, but it provides a glimpse into the struggles of being a dream girl.

When Movies Attack: Kick Ass Vs. Super

When Movies Attack [Written by: The Vern from The Vern’s Videovanguard] The latest edition of When Movies Attack. Kick Ass vs Super