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Hi All, I won’t be updating the site till I get back from Vacation on August 4th. Great news! We just hit 10,000 visits! Stay connected with my twitter though for the latest film updates @impsndcnma.


Haywire Trailer – Meet the female Jason Bourne

Steven Soderbergh was said to be retiring, but he told Movieline it was all Matt Damon‘s fault that rumor got started. Matt Damon is apparently as discreet as a 14-year-old girl. I had this drunk conversation with him whi...


Deleted Scenes on Star Wars Blu-Ray

At Comic Con 2011, fans were given the first look at some of the deleted scenes that will be featured on the Star Wars Blu-Ray set coming this September. Now Courtesy of THR here are some never-before-seen deleted scenes from S...


First Image From Ridley Scott’s Prometheus

It seems every opportunity Ridley Scott and Fox are going to let out the littlest morsel of information about Prometheus. Prometheus is supposed to be a prequel to the widely successful Alien franchise. Ridley Scott was recentl...

Dark Tower

Universal Passes on Stephen King ‘The Dark Tower’

I guess I was still in mourning period so I haven’t posted this till now. Deadline reported that Universal has taken a pass on The Dark Tower, destroying current plans for a movie trilogy and tv series run. The series is ...