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‘The Hangover Part II’ Theatrical Trailer

The full length trailer for ‘The Hangover Part II’ is here. So now that you have watched the trailer I bet you feel the same way I do. It’s a damn shame that the entire plot of the movie is rehashed from the f...

katherine heigl yawn

Freak Accident Leads to 34 Katherine Heigl Movies Released at the Same Time

According to ONN, an accident has occurred in Hollywood that has allowed the release of 34 Katherine Heigl movies at once. The sheer number of crappy rom-com and dramas are too much for the American people all at once. Stats co...


IFFBoston 2011: Film List

I saw the 2011 IFFBoston film list posted about a week ago and decided to share. The festival is being held April 27 – May 4, 2011. Right now they only have the film list up and the premium passes that go for 200$ or 300$...


‘Bridesmaids’ Trailer 2

The new trailer for ‘Bridesmaids’ was posted on iTunes yesterday. The film has been described as the woman version of ‘Hangover’. I think it looks hilarious. The director, Paul Feig, has an impressive co...


Bill Murray to Play FDR

Bill Murray has signed on to play Franklin D. Roosevelt in an adaptation of the British radio play ‘Hyde Park On the Hudson’ to be directed by Morning Glory’s Roger Michell. According to Vulture, the project w...