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Jordan Peele on ‘Get Out’ Oscars Nominations and A Win for Silenced Voices

When Get Out premiered last year at the Sundance Film Festival, its aspirations were modest. Producer Jason Blum did not anticipate that the film would become this iconic. Blum was hoping this strange genre film would be embrac...

2017 Oscar Predictions

Hello anyone who still comes here. If you haven’t seen me in awhile, I now am freelancing full-time and you can find my work at Film School Rejects every Monday. Anyways…I figured since I’m still paying for th...

Tampopo Review: All Is Fair With Love and Noodles

Juzo Itami’s 1985 “ramen western” is quite the feast. The newly restored Tampopo certainly lives in the world where noodles, sex, and film intertwine. Having long only been available on a poor DVD quality prin...

Getting into the 80s Vibe with Sing Street’s Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Mark McKenna

The new John Carney musical Sing Street hits all the right notes and is another successful musical for the director. We had the opportunity to sit down with two of films’ stars Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Mark McKenna. They t...

April and the Extraordinary World has the right formula

Imagine a world without electricity. All automobiles run on coal and all the trees and forests in the world no longer exist. April and the Extraordinary World imagines this kind of future in an exciting and enjoyable fashion. A...